“Met onze Talent Indicator, die wij samen met Cubiks hebben ontwikkeld, hebben we binnen de eerste twee jaar meer dan 90 jonge talenten kunnen spotten.”

Carrefour Hypermarket France, which has 5,000 executive employees recently decided to enhance its process for detecting talent, particularly amongst its youngest managers. To help achieve this, the company partnered with Cubiks, who designed a bespoke Carrefour Talent Indicator tool.

Over 400,000 staff

110,000 employees in France

Long-term partner

Cubiks has worked with Carrefour for over 10 years

Talent spotting

Carrefour asked Cubiks to enhance its process for detecting talent


Carrefour Hypermarket France wanted to be proactive in detecting talent for future store management positions. The company’s goal was to identify individuals that have the ability to progress two levels in the Carrefour management scale in less than five years.


Cubiks worked in close partnership with Carrefour to develop a bespoke Talent Indicator, an online questionnaire that would provide structure for identifying talent and make the process reliable. This tool would complement the existing career management and performance review process and ensure that talent identification remains objective.


Talent Indicator is now fully integrated in Carrefour Hypermarket France’s talent management and development processes. In 2010, Talent Indicator helped identify 58 out of 212 managers as high potentials and in 2011, 33 out of 81 managers were selected. These high potentials have since taken part in tailored training programmes and the reports from Talent Indicator have helped them create individual development plans.